Who is asap?

Asap is a design and communication agency that creates design and communication across media. For 22 years, asap has built brands and designed communication for both large and small customers. We love to help create change. That's why we expanded 2019 with the Asap Shop, wich allowed us to develop our passion for the unique and handmade. In everyday speech, we call the shop "Our creative playground"

Meet our artists

Owner & artist

Sille Haahr-Aasmul

Print and spray and acrylic paint is Sille's primary area of ​​work. The inspiration comes from graphic forms, the city, nature and sustainability. The force behind is curiosity and a search for new production methods and media - always based on values, storytelling and with great love for the graphic, where new motifs are created and turned into art prints. Sille's fascination with paper in all forms, is expressed in handmade products such as fine paper boxes, gift paper and beautiful, lifelike paper flowers.


Elisabeth Gaardbo

Elisabeth works with watercolors and linocut printing. Her beautiful motifs are strongly inspired by human relationships and living creatures. Especially motifs of cats and women are to be found in her artistic works.