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All boobs are perfect - A6 package

All boobs are perfect - A6 package

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All boobs are perfect. This is the name of our new collection, which we have created for the benefit of women with breast cancer. For every pack of cards sold, we donate DKK 25 to support prevention, research and projects aimed at women with breast cancer. The support will go directly to Pink Tribute, which is a non-profit organization based on voluntary well-organized work. The cards are A6 size, and all 6 variants will be found in the package. Envelopes included.

Pink Tribute helps women with breast cancer and provides support for terminally ill women and their loved ones. Everything the organization collects goes uncut to where the donations make a difference. In addition to the direct help for terminally ill women and their loved ones, Pink Tribute also provides support for prevention and treatment. It's a fantastic good cause and some fantastic zealots are behind it.

Like the posters, the cards have hand-painted gold details with acrylic paint.

© Asap Design / Elisabeth Gaardbo Nielsen [/loss]

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