Our unique products


re•create is the name of asap's series of products inspired and made from leftovers from other manufacturing or discarded products. For example, our notebooks are made from paper waste from our partner Dystan & Rosenberg. The high-quality paper is normally thrown away, but through creative recycling we use the paper waste in new products.

The covers of our handmade notebooks are all unique and are made from paper we have found or, for example, reuse of sketches for the posters. And the frames are made by Sille's father in different types of wood, which he has picked up in funny places over the years. The mahogany frames are from the grocery counter at Taastrup Apotek, which was demolished around 1920.

All products in the re•create series, especially the handmade ones, are produced in very limited editions.

At present, our unique items are only sold in our store at Rosengården 8. If you live far away, or do not have the opportunity to physically come to the store and see them, please contact us and we will find a solution.

List of unique products:

50x70 cm - various motifs

DKK 685

50 x70 cm - different types of wood

Prices from DKK 350

A5, various colors and motifs

DKK 165